Q: How do I order your effects? A: You can buy directly from this site using PayPal or purchase through one of our dealers.

Q: Can I come over and check out the pedals in person? A: If you are in the Seattle area, please check your local stores to see if they have what interests you in stock. If they do not and you have time constraints, email us and we can possibly work something out.

Q: What is your Return Policy? A: If you want the option of returning a perfectly functioning pedal, please order from one of our dealers. We have a small operation, and our primary focus is building pedals. Product returns add a lot of work to our day, and pull us away from focusing on our products. Alternately, all of our dealers have excellent return policies. It is their focus to deal with sales, refunds, exchanges, etc.

Q: I need a repair. How does that work? A: All Recovery Effects pedals are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects as long as we’re making pedals. Finishes and other cosmetic defects are not covered. If anyone other than Recovery has touched it with a soldering iron or modified it in any way, standard bench rates apply to the repair. Contact us first to get an RMA number and return instructions. We will request a payment via PayPal when the unit is ready for actual return shipping. Before contacting us, make sure your are using a fresh battery or correct power supply. Make sure you are plugging the unit in on the right, and the left output is going to the amp. Make sure you are using mono cables. If those tips don’t fix your issue, contact us.