Bleeding Hearts

Random Sequencer, Rhythm Generator, Destroyer and Filter

The Bleeding Hearts is an effect device at it’s core that starves, bit crushes, splatters, and filters audio sources like no other. Feeding a gate signal to the Bleeding Hearts enables a whole new world of strange and random analog generated movement. Each position of the 8 step sequencer can bleed into each other and interact with the destruction effect, creating gated and filtered splatters, glitches and crunches, that move to the beat of your patch.

Destruction parameters include Starve, Destroy, Chamber, and Bleed, which all interact with the the sequencer. A unique Twin-T notch filter and output control round this module out to make it a rich and weird analog sculpting tool.

Hand-wired in Seattle, WA. Full-lifetime warranty. 14hp, 18ma current draw, 42mm depth.